Satellite Attitude Orbit Control Experiment Platform

1.      Platform Introduction
The satellite attitude orbit control real-time simulation system is a lab test method for simulating satellites’ orbit movements. It is usually used to verify satellite control system plans and performance indicators. In this system, the satellite attitude control real-time simulation system consists of two real-time simulators: satellite-borne computer real-time simulator and crosslinking-environment real-time simulator. The satellite-borne computer real-time simulator is used to simulate the AOCC on satellites and realize satellite attitude control and orbit control; the crosslinking-environment real-time simulator is used to simulate the satellite attitude control execution mechanism, satellite dynamics and typical control loops of sensors, as shown in the following figure
2.      Platform Features
  1. Prototype Verification: In the advanced aerospace engineering field, the cost of developing satellites is very high, and the development period is very short. With the establishment of this platform, users can start to perform prototype simulation verification of satellite-borne computers in the early stage of plan design.
  2. Normal Operating Condition Test: In order to test the real-time performance of the software and hardware of satellite-borne computers, an external real-time simulation environment of satellite-borne computers needs to form a loop with satellite-borne computers. This external simulation environment should be able to correctly and flexibly simulate, in real time, satellite motions, attitude sensors, execution mechanisms, various faults and boundary conditions, etc. If you use a special simulator to test satellite-borne computer software and hardware, it will be very time-consuming and inflexible. This platform can simulate such an external environment in a swift and low-cost manner.
  3. Abnormal Status Simulation: Besides testing satellite-borne computer software and hardware in normal status, you also need to simulate abnormal status to check whether satellite computers can effectively and promptly handle abnormalities.
3.      Experiment Contents
  • Three-dimensional attitude transformation and visualization experiment
  • Satellite mass property and free motion visualization experiment
  • Bias momentum satellite attitude dynamics experiment
  • Zero momentum satellite attitude dynamics experiment
  • Despinning control experiment based on magnetic damping
  • Satellite attitude confirmation experiment based on vector observation
  • Satellite three-axis attitude control principle visualization experiment
4.      Model Selection and Configuration

Product Name

Product Model

System Configuration

Satellite Attitude Orbit Control Experiment Platform


Space-borne computer real-time simulator


Crosslinking real-time simulator


Reflective memory card


Real-time simulation software package


Note: The I/O board cards to be inserted into the real-time simulator Links-Box are flexibly configured based on demands. Common models include RS422, CAN, AIO, and DIO.

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