Small-Power Motor Motion Control Experiment Platform

1.      Platform Introduction

The three-phase AC asynchronous motor control experiment platform is mainly applied in AC asynchronous motor motion control experiments. It can provide a basic verification platform and innovative experiment platform for courses such as motor and drive, motion control, control system simulation based on Matlab, etc. This system features a simple structure and convenient operations, and is particularly suitable for students’ experimentation verification of self-developed innovative control algorithms.

The platform uses the Links-LabBox fast prototype simulator as the speed loop controller. Users can flexibly conduct various types of open/closed-loop control algorithm design and verification experiments. Besides, the platform provides a motor pairing platform, in which an AC asynchronous motor (drive side) and AC permanent-magnet synchronous motor (load side) realize coaxial pairing through a coupler. By setting different load-side disturbance moments on the motor pairing platform, changes in the speed and electric current of the drive-side AC asynchronous motor can be observed, and thus the control algorithm can be further optimized.

2.      Platform Features
  1. Modular Design: Adopts the idea of modular design with a clear system structure;
  2. Motor Pairing Platform: As the controlled object, the three-phase AC asynchronous motor, equipped with an encoder, can realize accurate speed closed-loop control; as the load in this pairing, the AC synchronous servo motor can realize accurate reverse-moment loading (constant moments, pulse moments, continuously varying moments, etc.);
  3. Friendly Development Environment: the system supports the design of asynchronous motor control algorithms based on Matlab Simulink and supports the smooth transition from digital simulation to motor physical control;
  4. Excellent Platform Timeliness: The controller adopts the solution of X86 hardware running on the VxWorks real-time system, and its timeliness can reach the 100us level;
  5. Diverse Debugging Methods: During experiments, the platform provides various development debugging methods, such as online modification of any control parameter, online monitoring of any system variable, and real-time storage, offline playback and data export of all observation data.

3.      Experiment Contents 
  • Motor Control System Equipment Knowledge Experiment: Knowledge about the motor/driver/simulator/power supply and other hardware equipment and system cable connections;
  • Asynchronous Motor Control Interface Test Experiment: Including analog output, current measurement, speed measurement, load testing, theoretical algorithm analysis, and actual verification;
  • Asynchronous Motor Open/Closed-Loop Speed Regulation Experiment;
  • PID Parameter Debugging Experiment;
  • Load Experiment: Optimize the control algorithms with varying load;
  • Comprehensive Motor Speed Regulation Experiment Based on PI Control: Speed following, current waveform monitoring, etc.;
  • Innovative Experiment: The platform allows students to conduct innovative curriculum design experiments.

4.      Model Selection and Configuration

Product Name

Product Model

System Configuration

Three-Phase AC Asynchronous Motor Control Experiment Platform (Small-Power)


Fast prototype simulator


AC asynchronous motor experiment table


Real-time simulation software package


AC Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor Control Experiment Platform (Small-Power)


Fast prototype simulator


AC synchronous motor experiment table


Real-time simulation software package



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