Cascade Six-Joint Robot (Scientific Research Version)

1.      Platform Introduction

The scientific-research-version cascade six-joint robot provides a semi-physical verification environment for the development debugging of the control systems of vertical-cascade six-joint robots. It can provide a fast verification platform for the research of robot control theory algorithms, such as six-joint robot trajectory planning, space interpolation algorithm, positive/inverse kinematics calculation, terminal moment control, robotic vision and processing, etc.

2.      Platform Features
  1. User-Friendly Development Environment: The platform, based on Matlab Simulink, develops robot control system models, which greatly reduces the difficulty in learning robot control system design;
  2. Excellent Platform Timeliness: The control program runs on the VxWorks real-time OS, with the timeliness level of up to 20us;
  3. High-Precision Industrial-Grade Robot: 6-joint full-servo drive, with the precision of up to 0,03mm;
  4. Diverse Debugging Methods: Supports various development debugging methods, such as online modification of any controller model parameter, online monitoring of any system variable, and real-time storage, offline playback and data export of all observation data.
  5. Open-Source Examples: The platform provides fully open-source examples and training documents about robot kinematics, dynamics, and image recognition, giving postgraduates engineering examples for reference to assist their robot control algorithm design, robot body parameter testing, and actual driver parameter regulation.
3.      Experiment Contents

l  Entry-level experiment contents:

  • Quick start experiment;
  • Robot mechanical system knowledge experiment;
  • Robot control system knowledge experiment;
  • Robot teaching programming and playback control;
  • Robot coordinate system establishment

l  Medium-level experiment contents

  • Robot forward/inverse kinematics analysis;
  • Robot trajectory planning offline simulation experiment;
  • Robot space linear and circular motion experiment;
  • Robot transport and assembly experiment;

l  Advanced-level experiment contents

  • Related to robot dynamics
  • Robot dynamics mathematical simulation experiment;
  • Robot mathematical theory model correction based on actual measurement data;
  • Single-joint moment closed-loop control (including gravity and friction compensation)

l  Related to visual images

  • Binocular camera lens parameter calibration experiment;
  • Robot visual measurement and positioning experiment;
  • Robot target tracking experiment.
4.      Model Selection and Configuration

Product Name

Product Model

System Configuration

Cascade 6DOF Mechanical Arm (Scientific Research Version)


Fast prototype simulator


Real-time simulation software package


Industrial-grade 6DOF robot


Three-dimensional industrial camera


Image capture and processing module


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