Four-Rotor UAV Flight Control Experiment Platform

1.      Platform Introduction

The four-rotor UAV flight control experiment platform is a multi-function experiment platform that integrates teaching and scientific research and can satisfy the daily needs for student teaching and experiments as well as the scientific research needs of specialties such as UAV platform attitude control, guiding navigation, and dynamics. This platform adopts the advanced development idea of Model-Based Design (MBD) and can support control system mathematical simulation, HIL simulation, test bench experiments, and outfield experiments. It is provided with tools and software for model compilation, download, data monitoring and recording, post-processing, etc., and can help students get familiar with the entire control system design process.

2.      Platform Features
  1. Adopts advanced Model-Based Design (MBD) in development;
  2. Supports test bench experiments and actual flight experiments at the same time;
  3. The master control chip adopts a robust 32-bit processor with robust functions and strong scalability: ARM Cortex A8 (dominant frequency 1G Hz, 800MHz video DSP), which possesses rich peripheral resources and robust operation capabilities;
  4. Provided with a front camera which is coupled with a special image processing chip, for image collection and real-time processing;
  5. Combined with the use of the fast control prototype system based on MATLAB and ARM, it can quickly realize controller development and automatic code generation;
  6. Modular hardware design and complete underlying software drive code, making it easier for students to perform secondary development and advanced control algorithm research.

3.      Experiment Contents
  • Four-rotor dynamics modeling
  • Design of classic control laws such as PID
  • Design of modern control laws such as LQR
  • Image-processing algorithm design
  • Test bench attitude control
  • Test bench image tracking
  • Four-rotor UAV actual flight

4.      Model Selection and Configuration 

Product Name

Product Model

System Configuration

Four-Rotor UAV Flight Control Experiment Platform


UAV test bench


Flight control code automatic generation tool


Flight control peripheral model library


Simulink experiment demo package


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