Motor Drive and Control Experiment Platform

1.      Platform Introduction
The motor drive and control experiment platform is a multi-function experiment platform that integrates motor drive experiments and motion control experiments. It adopts a T-shaped architecture and contains multiple types of motors and drive experiment modules, a frequency converter, fast prototype simulator, and real-time simulation software package. On this experiment platform, users can learn the frequency converter control technology, communication technologies, power supply and distribution control technology, DC/three-phase asynchronous motor control technology, etc.

2.      Platform Features
  1. Compatibility: It covers traditional motor drive experiments and also supports fast control prototype experiments for innovative motors;
  2. Open Structure: The T-shaped structure is open and simple, and the experiment modules are easy to install and remove and can be flexibly combined;
  3. Modular Design: The experiment modules are independent, handy, and nice. One experiment platform contains multiple types of experiment modules, which can be added or decreased flexibly based on users’ needs;
  4. Security Design:
    • The experiment modules use insulated panels resistant against up to 10kV voltage to prevent electric leakage of metal panels and ensure human safety;
    • A current-mode leakage protector is installed, so that once there is electric leakage, the power is automatically cut off;
    • The strong-current socket is well protected, and the connection lines use protected gun plugs to ensure safety and reliability;
  5. Advanced Nature: Allows students to design motor control algorithms based on Matlab/Simulink and to quickly verify them on the motor experiment platform;
  6. Diverse Debugging Methods: During experiments, the platform provides various development debugging methods, such as online modification of any control parameter, online monitoring of any system variable, and real-time storage, offline playback and data export of all observation data.

3.      Experiment Contents 

l  Basic experiments of motor drive

  • DC motor experiment: separate excitation/shunt excitation generator and motor characteristic experiment, speed regulation experiment, dynamic braking experiment, reversible experiment, etc.;
  • Three-phase asynchronous motor experiment: three-phase asynchronous motor no-load experiment, short-circuit experiment, work characteristic measurement experiment, direct start/Y-Δ start experiment;
  • Transformer experiment: single-phase transformer no-load, short-circuit, and on-load experiments;
  • Frequency converter experiment: parameter configuration, operation practice and training, voltage/current monitoring, etc.;

l  Motion control experiments

  • Three-phase asynchronous motor: positive inversion, open-loop control, closed-loop PID control experiments;
  • DC servo: positive inversion, open-loop control, closed-loop PID control experiments.
4.      Model Selection and Configuration

Product Name

Product Model

System Configuration

Motor Drive and Control Experiment Platform


Fast prototype simulator


Motor drive experiment platform


Real-time simulation software package


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