Cascade 6DOF Mechanical Arm (Teaching Version)

1.      Platform Introduction

The cascade SDOF mechanical arm (teaching version) mainly consists of a fast control prototype system, teaching-version six-axis robot, and image collection and processing units. It can realize target image recognition and information extraction, robot dynamic trajectory planning, positive/inverse kinematics calculation, and six-joint motion control functions. It can fulfill preset experiment tasks such as sorting, capture, transport, etc.


2.      Platform Features
  1. User-Friendly Development Environment: The platform, based on Matlab Simulink, develops robot control system models, which greatly reduces the difficulty in learning robot control system design;
  2. Excellent Platform Timeliness: The control program runs on the VxWorks real-time OS, and its timeliness can reach the 100us level;
  3. Teaching-Version Six-Joint Robot: Axis 1 and axis 2 use servo motors, whereas axes  to 6 use stepping motors; each axis use a planetary reducer, with the precision of up to 0.5mm, thus realizing an overall balance in costs and performance;
  4. Diverse Debugging Methods: Supports various development debugging methods, such as online modification of any controller model parameter, online monitoring of any system variable, and real-time storage, offline playback and data export of all observation data.
  5. Open-Source Examples: The platform provides fully open-source examples and training documents about robot kinematics and image recognition, giving students reference examples for curriculum design.
3.      Experiment Contents 

l  Entry-level experiment contents:

  • Quick start experiment;
  • Robot mechanical system knowledge experiment;
  • Robot control system knowledge experiment;
  • Robot teaching programming and playback control;
  • Robot coordinate system establishment

l  Medium-level experiment contents

  • Robot forward/inverse kinematics analysis;
  • Robot trajectory planning offline simulation experiment;
  • Robot space linear and circular motion experiment;
  • Robot transport and assembly experiment;

l  Advanced-level experiment contents

  • Binocular camera lens parameter calibration experiment;
  • Robot visual measurement and positioning experiment;
  • Robot target tracking experiment.

4.      Model Selection and Configuration

Product Name

Product Model

System Configuration

Cascade SDOF Mechanical Arm (Teaching Version)


Fast prototype simulator


Real-time simulation software package


Teaching-version 6DOF robot


Robot experiment table


Three-dimensional industrial camera


Image capture and processing module


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