UAV Flight Control HIL Experiment Platform

1.      Platform Introduction

The UAV flight control experiment platform is a multi-function experiment platform that integrates teaching and scientific research and can satisfy the daily needs for student teaching and experiments as well as the scientific research needs of specialties such as UAV flight control and dynamics. The platform mainly consists of a real-time simulator, a three-dimensional flight visual system, a ground station system, a remote control, and a flight control board.

2.      Platform Features

1.     Adopts the idea of Model-Based Design;

2.     Supports the verification of flight control system design for UAVs such as multi-rotor or fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters;

3.     Supports flight control fast-control prototypes;

4.     Supports PIXHAWK and APM

a)   Provides a special Simulink module library that includes sensors, steering engines, GPS, control modes, link interfaces, etc.;

b)  Supports direct code generation for complex control algorithms such as model prediction control and the sliding mode variable structure;

c)   Supports online modification of self-defined controller parameters;

5.      Supports HIL simulation tests;

a)   Establishes airplane dynamics models based on Simulink;

b)   Completes hardware closed loop for the real-time simulator and flight control;

c)   Supports online parameter adjustment and curve monitoring.

3.      Experiment Contents
  • Mathematical Simulation Test

--MATLAB/SIMULINK basic simulation test

--Single-axis attitude control test

--Three-axis attitude control test

--External environmental disturbance test

--Sensor error test

  • Controller Fast Prototype Development Tests

--Multi-rotor flight control fast prototype

--Fixed-wing flight control fast prototype

--Helicopter flight control fast prototype

  • HIL Simulation Experiment

--Establishment of an HIL simulation platform

--Single-axis attitude control HIL test

--Three-axis attitude control HIL test

--External environmental disturbance HIL test

--Sensor error HIL test

4.      Model Selection and Configuration

Product Name

Product Model

System Configuration

UAV flight control HIL experiment platform


Fast prototype simulator


Real-time simulation software package


Electric three-axis table


UAV flight control development suite


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